Joe Rogan Stepped In To Save Someone Who Was Talking Sh*t to Leon Edwards

Rogan had to step in and caution an uneducated guest who was trying to pick a fight with "Rocky"

Joe Rogan, Leon Edwards
Credit: Joe Rogan, Leon Edwards (via YouTube & Instagram)

Joe Rogan had to step in and save a man from himself when he started talking sh*t to Leon Edwards.

Reigning UFC welterweight champion Edwards is coming off a historic win over the former champion and pound-for-pound king Kamaru Usman in Sep. at UFC 278. Edwards scored one of the biggest upsets in history when he knocked out Usman in the last minute of the contest with a vicious head kick to become the new 170-pound champ. He became only the second British person to ever hold a UFC title, the first being Hall of Famer and former middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Joe Rogan intervened to save a man who was talking sh*t to Leon Edwards

In a recent episode of the massively popular podcast show Joe Rogan Experience, UFC color commentator and broadcast team member Rogan recounted the time he warned an uneducated person who was talking sh*t to Edwards.

“Somebody was mouthy to somebody you were with who’s a fighter. Somebody’s talking sh*t to a UFC fighter Joe was with and then Joe’s like, ‘look man, I know you have made a lot of mistakes in your life. But you are about to make a critical one,” his guest said.

Rogan responded: “It was Leon Edwards. Some guy was talking sh*t to Leon Edwards and I said, ‘you are making a critical mistake. Let me just step in right here. First of all, you are out of line and being a sh*thead to him for no reason. You’re picking the wrong dude. That is one of the best fighters on planet Earth.”

Edwards will fight Kamaru Usman in a trilogy bout

Following the win, company president Dana White indicated an immediate trilogy outing would be in the works for Usman and Edwards after ‘Rocky’ avenged his first loss. There have been reports of White targeting a stadium show in England now that they have another British champion but no concrete developments have come yet.

Edwards is expected to compete with Usman sometime next year, at the end of the first quarter.

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