Cory Sandhagen Shuts Down Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera to Get the Nod – UFC San Antonio Results (Highlights)

‘Chito’ struggled to get going against the ‘Sandman’ due to a technical and dynamic showcase from the latter

Cory Sandhagen, UFC San Antonio
Credit: UFC (via Twitter)

Top five-ranked bantamweight contender Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera was looking to establish his place in the mix of title contention against Cory Sandhagen in the main event of UFC San Antonio.

UFC San Antonio: Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera vs. Cory Sandhagen

Round 1

Sandhagen goes for a low kick. Chito blocks an inside leg kick. Sandhagen jabs. Sandhagen with the higher output. Vera with an outside low kick. Sandhagen steps in with the lead hand. Sandhagen with an inside leg kick and another. He lands a jab. He’s chopping away at Vera’s legs. Vera with a left hook. Vera gets back in the center after getting stuck off the fence. Cory takes him against the cage and lands a flying knee. He grapples with Vera and takes him down. Vera gets him in full guard close to the cage. Sandhagen is on top. Sandhagen lands light strikes and elbows from the top. Vera opens Sandhagen with elbows from underneath. Sandhagen lands solid shots. Sandhagen continues his onslaught from the top with more elbows to close the round.

Round 2

Sandhagen throws a kick down the middle. He eats a jab and fires back a nice body shot. Vera steps in with a low kick. Sandhagen moves forward with a three-punch combo. Sandhagen grapples and Vera jumps on the guillotine. Sandhagen is out and gets on top in Vera’s half guard. Sandhagen lands a few strikes from the top. Sandhagen gets on his feet and back down on the top. He takes side mount. Vera has his feet up on the fence trying to block Sandhagen’s attack. Nasty elbows from Sandhagen. Vera gets up. He checks a leg kick. He lands a jab and blocks one. Sandhagen on the front foot again. Sandhagen on the outside.

Round 3

Sandhagen with an outside leg kick. Another one. He’s looking to get on the front foot. Vera fires a head kick to the guard and blocks a kick to the body. Sandhagen is walking him down with the feints and slips on a kick down the middle. Vera with a strong low kick. Vera eats a low kick. Sandhagen gets a jab through. He goes to the body with a kick. Strong 1-2 from Vera. Jab from Vera. Cory with a left hand. He shoots and gets out. Nice jab from Sandhagen. Sandhagen with a liver shot and up to the face. Vera goes to the head and Sandhagen blocks. Vera steps in but fails to connect. Sandhagen with a low kick. Sandhagen fires a heavy inside kick.

Round 4

Sandhagen with an outside thigh kick. He goes for the low kick. Sandhagen gets a light uppercut. He shoots and Vera defends. Sandhagen shoots again and Vera manages to defend. Sandhagen shoots again but Vera sprawls and stays out. Sandhagen with a quick body shot. Sandhagen measures range with the jab and continues to move around. Nice work with the lead hand from Sandhagen in hopes of setting up the flying knee. Vera checks a leg kick. Vera is getting on the front foot now. Sandhagen’s constant movement and footwork are making it hard for Vera to get a read on his target. Vera with a strong low kick. He gets a jab in. Sandhagen with a left hook. Sandhagen with an outside leg kick. He keeps Vera at distance with the jab. Vera gets aa light touch with the left but eats a huge jab back. Vera with a jab and big left hand.

Round 5

Sandhagen opens with high volume. Chito stays in the pocket. Sandhagen shows stellar lateral movement. Vera defends a takedown attempt. Big knee to the body from Sandhagen before getting a takedown. Vera tries to kick to the head of Sandhagen, which could be an illegal strike since Cory’s a grounded opponent. Sandhagen stays on top and pins Vera off the fence. He lands light strikes. Vera manages to get up. Sandhagen shoots for the takedown again. Vera defends well and the feet back in the middle. Vera with a body kick. Sandhagen gets a right hand in. Left hook from Sandhagen grazes Vera. Vera gets a solid body shot in. Vera lands a right hook. Inside leg kick by Vera. Sandhagen with a jab and inside leg kick. Sandhagen goes for the takedown and Vera defends. Vera catches the kick and gets Sandhagen’s back. He tries a nice elbow on the break followed by a body shot. They trade and block each other’s strikes in the final seconds.

Official Result: Cory Sandhagen defeats Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera by split decision (48-47, 50-45, 49-46).

Check out the highlights below:


Published on March 25, 2023 at 10:25 pm
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