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The Top Ten Most Awkward Nick Diaz Interviews

The Top Ten Most Awkward Nick Diaz Interviews

Nick Diaz is not known for doing press. During conference calls he usually complains of being away from the gym, he rambles and rarely stays on subject. On camera he fidgets to the point where it’s almost impossible to keep him in frame, he is usually looking over his shoulder as if some evil spirit is coming for him. Like a boy at the age where sweatpants no longer become an acceptable thing to wear around women, every Nick Diaz interview is awkward. If Nick Diaz interviews could be compared to a candy they would be Jelly Belly’s. If you acquire one you want to put it in your mouth to find out if it tastes strawberries, and when it tastes like dirt boogers you have no one to blame but yourself. In honor of Strikeforce visiting the 209, we tirelessly combed through every Nick Diaz interview known to man and we came up with The Top Ten Most Awkward Nick Diaz Interviews, only at


Hadouken, a strike literally translated to a ‘surge fist’ or ‘wave motion fist’ made it’s first appearance on the mean streets of Tokyo in 1987. The only known practitioners of the move at the time was a guy named Ken and his rival/hetero life mate Ryu. From there it was all down hill. The secret Japanese strike was taught to grade school children the world over by the end of 1991 and nothing was ever the same. Down, quarter circle forward, punch and voila! Blue flame is emerging from your fist and toward your enemy. Considering Takanori Gomi was 13 years old living in Japan when the Hadouken craze took over, it’s no surprise to us he pulled it off against Nick Diaz, it was a surprise to the 209 resident, however.


Not many people can be asked about an opponent and in turn somehow bring the conversation to business suits and the type of fossil fuel we are burning at the moment, but Nick Diaz does it with aplomb. Sherdog caught up with Mr. 209 right after or possibly before the infamous family jewel grab off that was broadcast around the world at Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Diaz. Watch as Nick Diaz navigates a jungle of words to come to multiple conclusions that all seem to boil down to a classiness that everyone lacks.


That’s right people. Ariel Helwani wasn’t always the illegitimate son of Ron O’Neil. Before he was the suit wearing MMA superstar at AOL’s MMAFighting, Ariel worked at a few sites, one of them being Jarry Park (which is still sort of alive). The reason why this video made the list is the first question initiated an odd rapport between the two that subtly goes on throughout the interview. It’s like an episode of The Office that never quite develops, which is sort of like every episode of The Office (we all know the British version was better).


What is in that back pack and what is he looking around for? This interview was so awkward it spurred MiddleEasy to create an entire video based on Diaz’s paranoid glances over his shoulder. Perhaps Diaz was expecting a retaliation beating after laying one down on Mayhem Miller just minutes before this interview. Or maybe not. It seems like Diaz is constantly looking over his shoulder, maybe he knows something we don’t? I guess it’s best to remain prepared at all times, he was in Nashville, and these things do happen in MMA.


Nick Diaz is a cameraman’s worst nightmare, the dude will not stay in frame. No matter what happens or how you adjust the shot, Nick Diaz will find a way to muff it up. Whatever, let him do his thing, it seems like his leg itches a ton so you should just let him scratch it. He probably just took off his socks and now his leg hairs are all matted to his leg. Guys and hippie ladies, you know what I’m talking about, nothing is more satisfying then that initial sock pull off scratch fest. So why is Nick Doing it during an interview? A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and I don’t think anyone would ever tell Nick not to scratch his freshly desockafied ankle. Oh yeah, what’s on the left?


Nick Diaz actually carries himself very well in this interview with a spastic tuxedoed man. The guy who is making it awkward is the interviewer himself, Diaz was probably looking at the interviewers bellybutton high slacks and was wondering just what was with this dude and why is he so hyper? Poor Nick Diaz, the only people brave enough to interview him are crazy, unless your name is Ariel Helwani. Then you are just handsome. Watch this interview of Nick Diaz in Hawaii enjoying the fact the he can wear shorts at night time.


Step 1: obtain a unidirectional mic. Step 2: In order to get answers from a man you have to ask questions. Maybe it’s not so much Nick Diaz being awkward here, but the inane ‘questions’ he is being asked by this interviewer are turning the situation sour quickly. Why, why, why wouldanyone start an interview anymore with ‘we are here with:’ and then expect the interviewee to state their name? Especially on video. We know its Nick, and he is ornery. Take notes kids, do the opposite of this guy and Nick Diaz won’t look through you like this piece of clear cheese.


From now on whenever someone accomplishes a great feat of strength or scores a game winning goal, basket or touchdown, the immediate post celebration interview will have to be simply stated as ‘it’s whatever, I’m ready.’ Dude, you totally just came from behind and won that race! ‘it’s whatever, I’m ready‘. Holy crap, I can’t believe you ate eleven hot dogs! ‘it’s whatever I’m ready‘. Just how ‘Don’t be scared, homie’ has entered the MMA lexicon of trash talk ‘It’s whatever, I’m ready‘ should be welcomed upon that epic mountain of MMA jargon as well. Watch Nick Diaz drop one of the greatest out of context one liners in the history of MMA.


The beauty of a Nick Diaz interview lies in the fact that you can ask him one question and in turn he will answer 5. However, the original question may not get answered. Questions the interviewer didn’t even think of asking will be extrapolated upon by Nick Diaz in a timely, yet roundabout fashion and it’s a sight to behold. Ask Nick about how people can get in touch with the Cesar Gracie gym and you will get an earful about his gym mates and their ‘health tips’ or ‘running’, maybe bike riding. All the while a sweat breaks out on the interviewers forehead.


Maybe Nick Diaz remembered Mayhem Miller’s clowning during this interview and that’s why he finally snapped on him in Nashville. The cameraman even has to resort to grabbing tight shots of Nick’s face due to Mayhem’s antics, I’m surprised Nick didn’t throw down then and there. But the fun doesn’t have to stop with your viewing of this video. The cringe factor can be dialed up to a bajillion if you tell your drunk neighbor to come over and watch Mayhem Miller interview Nick Diaz right after his title defense against Cyborg last January. Just pretend this interview didn’t go down after Diaz’s debut fight Elitexc fight against Mike Aina. In fact if you want you can play this for someone April 9th after he fights Daley and watch as your barely coherent neighbor’s mind gets blown.

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