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We actually have another super rare installment of Vine Street MMA for you

Earlier this year we stumbled on the world’s first recorded Vine MMA video, and since then the entire social platform has be relatively dead when it came to unplanned physical altercations. For those unsavvy individuals out there, Vine is a social media app that enables you to record very brief and endlessly looping videos by simply touching your screen when you want to record and releasing your finger when you want to stop, or splice, the video. Some pretty cool things can be made in Vine, although all videos are only five seconds.

So when one witnesses an incident of Street MMA, it makes entirely more sense to record the incident on your camera instead of using an app that displays only five seconds of movement. When we do in fact get Vine MMA it’s extraordinarily rare based on the sheer nature of social media platform. On MiddleEasy we consider these things gems that must make the front page, and this morning we have only the world’s second incident of Street MMA in existence. Check it out.

<iframe class=”vine-embed” src=”” width=”890″ height=”890″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

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