WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets DROPKICKED At Arnold Classic In South Africa

Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked
Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Kicked In South Africa

Well, you can file this under “things no one expected to happen” category. Arnold Schwarzenegger just got drop kicked in the back in a bizarre attack from a man with yet unidentified motives.

Arnold is currently in South Africa promoting the South African leg of his Arnold Classic global festivities. In a fan video, he is seen hanging with fans, signing autographs, being awesome and snapchatting about a little girl skipping rope really fast. Are there any limits to this mans likability?

Anyhow, during the video, you can see a random man coming out of nowhere and trying to photobomb(in this case video bomb) Arnold snap video by waving. Arnold is, of course, unphased and probably saying in his head “chill out, d**kwad.”

Just as Arnold is about to return to his seat and do a standard meet and greet with fans the aforementioned man comes into the video frame again with a WWE style dropkick to the back of Arnold.

Check out the video via friends at FitnessVolt

Arnold, straight up no-sells it as it just barely pushes him forwards into the audience. Don’t act so shocked…this guy took down the Predator.

Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens…

Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday, May 18, 2019

As you can see from Conan’s Facebook post, he’s fine. Nothing can hurt the man that took down Thulsa Doom. He is so hardcore and badass, he actually thought he was being pushed by the everloving crowd of fans, he didn’t even recognize he was being attacked. We are talking about a man who got emergency open heart surgery and was back in the gym pumping iron about a month later. it’s gonna take at least a Jackhammer from Goldberg and a Tombstone piledriver from The Undertaker(at Wrestlemania) to even manage to hurt the Austrian Oak.

As to what happened to the man and why did he attack Arnold, well the horrible security finally did their job and protected Arnold from further attacks by subduing the attacker and escorting him out of the building. His motivation is not known as of this moment. I, however, am secretly hoping this is a buildup for a Hell in a Cell rematch at next years Wrestlemania.

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