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Video: Watch an Epic Bar Brawl During College Rivalry Week

Video: Watch an Epic Bar Brawl During College Rivalry Week

College Football is in the midst of “Rivalry Week” where colleges across America face their nemesis schools.

And thank God for it, because it gifted us with this amazing bar brawl.

Take a second to absorb this visual delight. You may need to watch it a few times. There is just so much goodness to be seen.

Ahhh, the wonderful sounds of tasers. Nothing says bar brawl quite it.

My one criticism is that the DJ starts playing music instead of taking this to the next level by laying down some play by play. I’m pretty sure that 80% of regional MMA play-by-play guys are discovered by narrating street fights. You gotta seize the opportunities life affords you, guy. Come on.

My personal favorite person in this fight is the kid who throws his hands up in surrender while the whole world is losing their shit around him. Don’t be this guy. You’re in a brawl even if you don’t necessarily want to be. Keep your hands up; cover your chin. Just because there is a cop there and people are getting tased doesn’t mean your safe, homie.

But if you are looking for a true lesson in Street MMA, check out the bouncer’s RNC form. That is a man familiar with choking frat boys, and I admire him for it.

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