Video: Princess Leia vs. Goku fights are the wave MMA’s future rides to glory

This is the MMA crossover you always needed but didn’t know you wanted. A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far, away (but probably Las Vegas) we have leaked footage of an underground fight between Princess Leia and Goku. Still dressed in her Jabba the Hutt slave outfit, Leia meets Goku in what appears to be some kind of fight to the death.

Lucky for us the fight to the death is sanctioned for three rounds. Thanks Nevada state athletic commission. 

Prepare your jaws to drop at the sight at Leia’s natural wrestling skills. Watch in amazement as Goku bounces off the ring ropes for a text book short-arm clothesline. Behold the beauty and the high stakes of MMA Mortal Kombat, but be careful in a no holds barred fight to fatality anything can happen when two trained killers dual. Anything!

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