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Video: Amazing Wrestlemania Inspired Flying Elbow in Street Fight

On today, Wrestlemania Sunday, it’s important to recognize that the men in the squared circle don’t just entertain us, they inspires regular people to greatness. Let’s take a moment to salute the heroes among us, men and women willing to forgo all common sense and do reckless shit in a street fight.  Well, in this case lawn fight…

Shout out to Texas A&M and whatever the fuck Chili Fest is (I’m assuming an excuse for undergrads to get blackout). I only wish that elbow had been more effective.  I mean the leap and the follow through looked graceful as hell, but the accuracy.  For some reason, I’m rooting against the guy who starts in full mount.  Maybe, its the six unanswered shoots he rained down on an unconscious dude.  Anyway, it’s inspired vengeance like that makes America’s future shine bright.