Street MMA: Further Proof That The Soccer Kick Is The Best Finishing Move In Fighting

Soccer Kick
Images via Twitter @FightCentralTV

Man Ends Street Fight With Brutal Soccer Kick

Street MMA is a beautiful thing. When that fight ends in a soccer kick, it makes things all the more wonderful.

There is no context on the cause of this intense fight. All you know is that there are two men who are going back and forth in the streets, and it turns physical. At first, it seems like a normal fight, but the end saw an increase in the action that you do not expect.

The fight seems pretty straightforward at first, a simple shirts vs skins contest. To be honest, the way the shirtless man was acting, it would not have been surprising to see him get sent to the ether. However, he would actually end up catching the other guy with a solid punch, dropping him into some bushes.

At this point, things really began to pick up. The poor man who is fully clothed was unable to recover, as the sixth Backstreet Boy swarmed him with strikes on the ground. On top of that, he snuck in a small kick to the face of a grounded opponent.

Although nothing would be quite so impressive as the final sequence in this battle. The shirtless fellow stepped back, primed his leg, and launched a soccer kick directly to the other man’s face, ending the scrap. It was reminiscent of a prime Cro Cop, separating fools from their consciousness. Not to mention, it landed in a way that was perfectly across the face. Truly, some beautiful Street MMA.

Pride never die.

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