Street MMA: An uppercut knockout is even sweeter in heels

Street MMA Uppercut Knockout Heels

Not that Street MMA needs to get anymore classy, but fighting in heels sure doesn’t hurt.

When in doubt out, show up to your next Street Fight gathering in formal wear. Nothing shady about fighting in a closed off hotel room, surrounded by professional cameras and lighting.

A very authentic and organic Lesson in Street MMA. If you’re going to throw hands and dress in your Saturday night’s best? Spam those uppercuts until one connects.

For sure the type of woman you want to take home to mama. Plus if mom gets out of line about you getting your life together? This women will check your moms with an uppercut. Um thanks babe?

Also kind of surprised nobody slips up while fighting in heels. Respect to hotel staff for picking out carpet that is ideal for Street Fights.

Don’t know if tossing out a lazy leg kick is the best strategy while operating in heels though. On second, third, and fourth watch, this fight is a blowout. At first glance it looks pretty fair, then the first uppercut connects and it’s off to the races. If the races were getting pummeled up against the wall in a creepy hotel room while wearing a formal wear.

Props for not piling on extra punches when the opportunity presented itself. Just two junior prom chaperones throwing hands, keeping things respectful; for the kids.

Somebody come pick up their moms. Maybe get her some lessons in clinch work, and Street MMA, for next’s mother’s day. Be a good kid.

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