Street MMA: Step-Dad hits his wife, gets immediately knocked out by son

Street Mma Step-dad Wife Knocked Out Son

This phrase gets used too often in Street MMA, but seriously he dead.

Welcome to the Shadow Realm abusive Step-Dad, you’re not his real Dad and you may be wondering how you got here.

Hello darkness my old friend, abusive Step-Dad is waking up on the pavement again.

This Lesson in Street MMA is rooted in family values. Pro-tip, a free one, if a man hits a women he’s free to get knocked out by anyone. These are just life rules that apply to 99.99% situations. Just facts and results of said facts can be seen in the video below.

MiddleEasy has taught men this before; don’t hit women….ever. ‘Well actually’ guys and devil’s advocates, close your tab now and feel free to walk into your nearest body of water. Take your phone out of your pocket first if you must.

From someplace where family disputes take place in the Streets and are filmed for our entertainment, it’s the classic Step-Dad versus Mom versus Step-Son scenario. Then with one swift punch the Step-Son becomes the man of the house and is anointed abusive Step-Dad’s new Daddy.

He just made you his Daddy and it was filmed on late 1990s cell phone technology. Don’t ever film your Street MMA with your burner phone. Take the time out, splurge for some production values, and film these knockouts with your iPhone.

After what sounds like a pattern of abuse, douche bag Step-Dad slaps his wife one more time and pays the price for. One punch, one knock out, and probably more than one trip to family therapy in this family’s future.

Extended Version

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