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Street MMA: This Showtime Punch off a locker is the future of Street Fighting

Street MMA: This Showtime Punch off a locker is the future of Street Fighting

There goes my Street MMA hero, watch him as he goes.

There goes my hero, he’s ordinary. In reality, this entire Street MMA post should just be reading the lyrics of Foo Fighters “My Hero” aloud.

Really nothing else to say here.

The future of Street Fights and or Slap Fights are in good hands. This truly is the greatest generation for people recording random acts of violence on their phones. Steve Jobs would have wanted it this way.

From some locker room, in some school, here is a very organized slap fight session. Usually MiddleEasy would frown upon a Street MMA incident made up of entirely Stockton Slapping fools.

This fight reaches a higher level of zen, when not only is Nate Diaz channeled but the WEC version of Anthony Pettis makes a cameo. What a run in it is. The only way this moment could be better is if the real Tony Pettis appeared and started Showtime Kicking random high school students.

Got to teach these teens respect. But you also got to teach more of them to hit Showtime Superman Punches.

Fighting in a small area, no running start, and just a full on Showtime special move got pulled off.

He did what? And it landed?

A perfect locker room springboard maneuver. What a maneuver, even.

This Showtime Punch was so beautiful the fight is halted in the name of style points. It really is. Both fighters shake hands and show respect to the Street MMA game here.

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