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Street MMA: The Sad Truth of Watching Superman Clean Up the Streets

Street MMA: The Sad Truth of Watching Superman Clean Up the Streets

In Stephen King’s classic novel “The Stand”, the rallying point for all the forces of evil that had survived the viral apocalypse was Las Vegas. I think our old buddy Stephen was tapping into a feeling experienced by anyone who has set there eyes on the Vegas Strip. Behind the alluring luxury and fun, there is a taste of something sinister. During the day, cattle-herds of humans plod along the Strip, sipping frozen Daiquiris from plastic grenades. And drifters of all kinds, come to prey on the tourist mass. Some are simply down on their luck and lost, begging for change. Some got a talent and dream. Some just have business cards with telephone numbers that promise to deliver hospitable women. Some of this street people are dressed like Superman.

Las Vegas is cosmically attracted to everything wrong with the human spirit, particularly violence. And it’s from this oasis of human debauchery, the fight capital of the world, that I bring you this…


That’s the worst viral marketing stunt for Justice League I’ve ever seen. How you going to stand there and do nothing, Batman? You’re just gonna let Clark Kent go psycho on some poor homeless guy?

That’s the sad truth of superheroes; they are just sociopaths assaulting the underprivileged.

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