A Lesson in Street MMA: One clean punch & KO can hit the pause button, put an end to a brawl real quick

Street Mma One Punch KO

Hit old dude with his Final Smash. Here’s the thing about Street MMA, you really need to just be spamming your block button the entire time. In the streets, random bars, or what looks like a bolwing ally VIP lounge, you must protect yourself at all times.

The sound of the bell to end round one is never coming. This lesson applies to one on one Street Fights, but double or triple so for your all out brawls. During this type of chaos nine times out of ten you can’t take time to hit your victory dance.

Take for example our guy in the red shirt. He jumps out to an early lead and is high stepping it into the end zone. Good old red shirty, just hit one over the fences, flipped his bat, and his admiring his handiwork.

Sure my man, you got the best of some wild striking exchanges. Plus you even had the Street MMA fight IQ to land a decent but not good takedown. Things are looking up.

You know what? Everything is coming up red. Maybe you should take time to celebrate and mock your opponents a little bit.

Let’s see how that works out for ya.



He gone.

Blasted into another stage, if that fence wasn’t there.

To top all of this off, red guy ate a clean KO for lunch and popped back up looking for dinner. Poor Big Red just had an out of body experience and nearly broke his neck on the way down.

Life comes at you fast and so do unchecked haymakers right to your dome piece.

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