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A Lesson in Street MMA: Fights in a laundromat, office lobby are the future of MMA

A Lesson in Street MMA: Fights in a laundromat, office lobby are the future of MMA

Always stay evolving. That’s one of the best things about MMA, and in this case Street MMA. Our great sport is always finding new and interesting ways to be weird.

MMA was a sport founded on weird ass ideas. At UFC, 1 Rorion Gracie tried to have the cage surrounded by alligators and an electric fence. Everything about Pride was about testing the boundaries of mixing MMA and pro wrestling into what we know today as JMMA.

Sure UFC, has tried it’s best to make their promotion basically like every other sport’s league in America, but at it’s core MMA can’t escape it’s strange roots.

We all remember our favorite New York City fight promoters right? From the makers of having people fight in the back of a moving 18-Wheeler. From the same crew that made people fight at a Brooklyn bodega, brings you the next evolution in Street MMA.

Fighting in the back of a truck is cool and yeah punching someone right by the freezer section was convenient, but what about throwing hands in a office lobby?

To top that, why don’t we have people try to knock each other out at the laundromat? If the fine folks at Rumble in the Bronx don’t win the MMA promotion of the year at the 2019 World MMA Awards, what are we really doing here?

The perfect pre-game to a Bellator-Bellator-UFC triple header this weekend is watching fights while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry.

Street MMA is good hands y’all, everything is going to be alright.


Rumble in the office

Rumble in the laundromat….or laundry mat if you want

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