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A Lesson in Street MMA: Real friends save you with chair shots to your opponent

A Lesson in Street MMA: Real friends save you with chair shots to your opponent

We to have a lot of questions here. Team work makes the dream work and sometimes in Street MMA you need the right tag team partner.

Also, this bar is wild as all hell.

This lesson in Street MMA is brought to you by friendship. After watching this video, maybe we all need to do an inventory of our circle of friends. Which friend has our back in a bar fight? Who’s ready to jump in at a moment’s notice? Which one of our friends is not affraid to pick up a chair and hit some dumb bastard over the head with it?

Who’s carrying MMA gloves in their pocket?


Hold on.

What was that last one?

On first watch of this Bar fight we focused on the maniac swinging a chair like he’s an ECW jobber. Then we noticed something. Look in the back for the dude who is calm as ever. Chaos rains around him and instead of jumping in the action, he goes off in the corner.

What is he doing over there? Is he? Is he putting on MMA gloves before he jumps in the Street Royal Rumble?

He is. Who the fook is this man?

Not only does he put on MMA gloves, he beats the hell out of everyone. Good God. Want to be friends dude?

No, but seriously don’t forgot about the friend who hit some guy over the head with a bar chair nearly 10 times in a row.

That’s our dude to. Need one of him in everyone one of our crews.

H/T to Team Street MMA corespondent @FitnessByBlue for the find. Shoot her Facebook page a like here.

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