A Lesson in Street MMA: Two on one fights are better with tables

Street Mma Two On One Fight Tables

2019 has been a banner year for Street MMA.

Some weeks there has almost too much Street MMA. Like too many puppies, pieces of pizza, and fireworks, it’s tough to have too many Street Fights. MiddleEasy is blessed some weeks, while other weeks nobody wants to film any sweet street violence.

Quality Street Fights are the Unicorns of the big wide Internet. Sometimes you just stumble on a hungry horned beast munching on a bowl of rainbows topped with sprinkles. Back in April, the fight below was the one that got away.

Today (Dec. 9) a spectacular lesson in the ways of the Streets has been a sighted. Not only is this an open-weight contest, it’s also a handicap match. Two on one plus weight classes being thrown into the fryer? Yes, please.

Thank you restaurant MMA.

So big, possibly drunk dude starts talking trash to a pair of much smaller possibly drunk dudes. This all takes place in what looks like a diner’s eating and or waiting area. It should be noted that the two friends are wearing matching shirts. Co-workers and best buds?

Little dude lands the cleanest punch on big man in the neon yellow shirt. The problem it barely phases the not so friendly giant. The fight is on and goes all over the eating area. Not one but two shirts are lost.

Climbing tables to get a better angle on your punches/completely missing on a curb stomp is next level Street MMA. Whatever the anti-Showtime kick is, that’s it.

Wait for that ending though and watch the video all the way through.

Update: Oh no. The extended version is here

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