A Lesson in Street MMA: If Rodrigo Botti sucker punches Matt Brown after a UFC show he gets wrecked

Matt Brown can’t catch a damn break. Not only does he get assaulted by multiple fans during his UFC 198 walkout, but he got jumped outside his hotel room at the UFC host hotel in Brazil. Hell, Brown took more punches before and after his match with Demian Maia than he did in it! This time however, Rodrigo Botti has history (and it looks like unfinished business) with Brown allegedly falsely accused of assault last year.

Botti suckered punch  and attacked Brown on Sunday morning, and all he got to show for it was a beat down in the Brazilian streets. While Botti attempted to flee the scene of his attack he was met by Brown friend’s Vinicius “Pequeno” Lemos. Watch below as Lemos delivers some Street MMA justice on Botti. Don’t try a sneak attack on Matt Brown in Brazil or his crew will find you.


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