A Lesson in Street MMA: Dude in a hoodie fights five guys at once & wins?

Street MMA Hoodie Hero

Just a dude in a lonesome hoodie or a Jedi in training? This lesson in Street MMA reminds us that superheros are everywhere.

Also, Street Fight matchmakers show no mercy and have a sick sense of humor. Take our hero in the hoodie for example. From the security camera footage this fight almost looks too fake to be real.

Then Mr. Hoodie slams two grown men against a brick wall at 100 miles per hour. That. That’s. Jesus, that’s as real as it gets. Realer than real even.

Thanks to the security cam video we get multiple angles of the fight and no audio. The Streets Gods give and they take at the same time.

At first it looks hoodie and some bald guy have an one on one beef. Maybe about the group of women huddled up? Nope, those three women bounce once hands start getting thrown and don’t wait around to see a clear winner emerge.

Watch for that lady in the kimono just passing through the Street MMA proceeding in the most classy easter egg we’ve seen for awhile.

Our hoodie hero throws hands at least five different foot soldiers and knocks out three of them. Remember that bald guy from the beginning of all of this? His night ends when he gets thrown into the brick wall like a freaking lawn dart. Bull-eyes and we think he might dead.

The power of the hoodie is strong in this one. Respect.

And another copy in case our YouTube overloads don’t want to support the Streets.

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  1. I’ve never been sure how serious you are in your commentary on these videos, but this time I have to ask: do you really think this guy fought five guys and won? He threw punches at pretty much anyone who got within range. That includes one guy that he had a beef with, and a whole bunch of do-gooders trying to break it up. Total number of punches thrown in his direction by the do-gooders: zero.

    To me, the only lesson here is that do-gooders who try to break up fights almost always do more net harm than good.


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