A Lesson in Street MMA: A 2 on 2 couples fight happened at the UFC 229 weigh-ins

Street MMA UFC 229 weigh ins

Who the fook were those guys….and gals? An act of Street MMA at the UFC 229 weigh-ins? Bless your heart drunken Conor McGregor fans.

We’re actually surprised more fights don’t happen at boring ass weigh-in events. You wait in line for over a hour. The concession stands are usually closed. It’s the middle of the afternoon when most grown adults are at work.

MMA weigh-ins may be the perfect storm for people to fight for no reason, but also for our entertainment.

Street MMA happens often in crowds during actual MMA events but rarely do we see fans throw hands during a weigh-in ceremony.

By that low bar alone, the UFC 229 weigh-ins may be one of the five most interesting MMA weigh-ins of all-time.

From what sounds like moments after the UFC 229 weigh-ins went off air, we have two male Conor McGregor fans going one on one in the stands.

What were they arguing about? The score of Mac’s fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 202? Favorite Mystic Mac catchphrase? Predicted gender of Conor’s next baby?

Not sure but a dude dressed in a gold shirt and a guy in what looks like a green tinted Reebok tee, are 100% causal Conor McGregor fans. There’s just no way these two guys were fans of Mac prior to his 13 second win over Jose Aldo.

But wait, not only are these guys fighting but their girlfriend/wife/side-chick are getting in on that Street MMA. Get you a woman who will fight at MMA weigh-ins with you.

Objectively speaking, the females grappling in their Friday afternoon best is way more interesting and technical, than whatever those two MMA newbs are doing.

They’re not here to take part, they’re here to interact and throw some garbage strikes from the clinch.

Bonus: Extended version *hits DJ horn sound effect*

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