Street MMA: Don’t hit the cig & then immediately get slam knocked out

Street Mma cigarette Slam KO

This had the small chance of being the greatest moment in Street MMA history. Then the lights went out.

Strange things happen when your chosen fighting surface is what appears to be a very active parking garage.

Feel like if dude hit a vape pen, his fighting skills would have improved tenfold. Instead he takes a puff off his Marlboro reds and it’s on. When MiddleEasy says it’s on, it’s a very loose definition.

Sure he takes off his shirt, which up’s his HP a little bit, but then he charges with his hands down at our dude in black.

Also don’t discount our hero in the black tee being Batman with leg kicks.

This entire original Street MMA beef begins over leg kicks. Black Tee Hero begins his fighting career with a match-up versus a shirtless light jeans wearing Street Fighter.

Two wins in the span of two minutes? Nothing is off limits in Parking Garage MMA.

After black tee batters shirtless with leg kicks and effective combos,our chain-smoker has an objection. In this here parking structure, leg kicks are frowned up; specifically when your best friend forever has no idea how to defend them.

There’s this moment when Shirtless Urijah Faber’s Defense Versus Jose Aldo Guy (that’s his real name now), just backs away from the fight. Just stay in a neutral stance and backs out of range. Then he backs out of range some more.

It gets so weird and he’s barely on camera at one point.

Have no fear, your homie has got your back. Just let him hit his cigarette first. And then get swept with a leg kick. To only have it topped off with a slam knockout.

Smoking is bad for your health, but so are slam knockouts.

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