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A Lesson in Street MMA: Hero bus driver beats up rude passenger in & out of his bus

A Lesson in Street MMA: Hero bus driver beats up rude passenger in & out of his bus

In the world of Street MMA, you have to remember where you came from. Or in this lesson who drove you there. There is no Street MMA without the public transportation.

Do you really think many of the MiddleEasy Street MMA Hall of Famers own their own car? Did they all just walk to the park/school/bathroom/fast food lobby/etc./etc.? Some aren’t even old enough to drive yet.

The world of Street Fighting for the past nine years or so, have relied on friendly bus drivers to take participants where they need to go. Got beef? Well, do you have a bus pass?

From somewhere, at sometime, we have our friendly neighborhood bus driver caught in the middle of a Street Fight. This may be our favorite bus driver since Uppercut Bus Driver from a few years ago. This fight doesn’t have added Super Mario Bros. sound effects dubbed in but it gets the job done.

An asshole passenger stomps onto the bus and immediately starts harassing our elderly hero. Then like a true 90s teen movie villain, he sucker punches the driver out of nowhere. This freaking guy gets in four unchecked punches before any counter strikers are thrown.

Well…..our new favorite public transit employee proceeds to unleash roughly 99 unchecked haymakers on that rude passenger. Holy Hell. Then like a true gentleman, our bus driver walks that asshole off the bus and then wails on him one more time for a good measure.

Bless you for that bus driver man.

“Hail to the bus driver,
bus driver, bus driver,
Hail to the bus driver,
bus driver-man
He drinks and he cusses
He stinks up the buses
Hail to the bus driver,
bus driver-man.”

Yes. Hail to the bus driver. The bus driver man.

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