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Now for a very special edition of St. Patrick’s Day Street MMA

No holiday lends itself to more Lessons in Street MMA than St. Patrick’s Day. The alcohol is flowing, people are roaming the streets, and that ‘Fightin Irish’ spirit is injected into everyone like some fine, green, testosterone. We here at MiddleEasy don’t condone Street MMA, but we will watch it and share it with you guys. In honor of the holiday that will no doubt be bringing us many lessons as soon as people upload them in a haze tomorrow morning, we present to you a few St. Patrick’s Day Lessons in Street MMA.

In this first lesson in St. Patrick’s day MMA we have an altercation that spills out into the road with high level karate kicking action (notice how well the hips are turned into those kicks) and shattered green tiara’s abound.

The next Lesson in St. Patrick Day Street MMA is a simple one: don’t start a riot. Watch as Buffalo, NY is awash in a sea of purposefully tiny plastic green hats as the fine city does it’s best Strikeforce: Nashville impression.

The final Lesson in St. Patrick’s Day Street MMA is one we’ve learned before: don’t drink and fight. If you do, you may be thinking in your green beer fueled mind that you are throwing the H-Bomb of all H-Bombs and then you just end up flat on your face.

If you are out tonight having a good time, give hugs, don’t be thugs. Be safe and wear your green MiddleEasy tee.

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