Let’s not forget, Jorge Masvidal is the REAL king of Street MMA

Someone promptly stick a bullet deep within my brain so I will forever get this MTV Riff Raff song out of my head. It’s ruining my life. Throughout the day, I sporadically repeat lyrics like ‘I have more combos than a Taco Bell menu.’ Maybe I should enlist Jorge Masvidal to shove his fist in my forehead a few times in order to disrupt my long-term memory.

Many of you are familiar with the ‘Kimbo Slice backyard fight series’ that appeared on YouTube back in 2007-2008. Kimbo’s protege, ‘Ray’, ran the circuit for a while, awarding his knuckles to anyone that would step in the make-shift arena with him. One of these guys was a young Jorge Masvidal, and in this video we clearly see that Masvidal is the real king of Street MMA. Sure it’s a relatively old video, but how many of you truly knew that the guy with the long hair was Jorge? Exactly. Props to KickYoNuts for the find.

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