Street MMA

A Lesson in Street MMA: If you toss a chair at this IHOP manager he will Tombstone piledriver you

Never underestimate the heart of your local IHOP restaurant manager. What a comeback. This Lesson in Street MMA is about pro wrestling, plate tossing, chair shots, combo breakers and pancakes.

What’s beef? Street MMA beef is throwing hands with the manager at IHOP. This would not happen at Denny’s. This would not happen at Waffle House. Actually at Waffle House, this would happen just with more stab wounds for all involved.

We want this IHOP manager on our team. Watch below as as one International House of Pancakes worker gets his ass beat by a party of four, before making the comeback of year to become the lineal Pancake House World Champion. #AndNew

Update: The director’s cut

H/T to @TONYTALIBAN for the find