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A Lesson in Street MMA: Running Up on Someone at the Apartment Complex Could be a Huge Violent Mistake

A Lesson in Street MMA: Running Up on Someone at the Apartment Complex Could be a Huge Violent Mistake

This is a classic depiction of how keeping it real can go wrong. Sometimes, you think you are real, but then you meet someone who is way more real. Then, that real reality sets in and you realize that no only are they really real, but that shit just got real real. This idea is never more clear than when you try to ambush someone and get straight dealt with in return.

…And I mean, dealt with. This beating was more lopsided than CM Punk fighting Mickey Gall, and even worse since there was no ref to step in. Even Dana White himself had to watch and express his sentiments. He even followed her!

This girl made the mistake of thinking that, just because she had the element of surprise, that this would be enough to win the fight. What she didn’t take into account is, that the chick (evidently named Amber) in the Babe Ruth shirt was a fucking warrior. Amber, enraged surely by her newly-broken phone, executes a solid ass throw onto the edge of the sidewalk, into a car and starts the ground and pound.

She basically holds on to this girls hair and beats her up all around the parking lot of the apartment complex. The girl getting destroyed in the burgundy shirt’s only defense is to yell, “you grabbin’ hella hair” and “let go my hair, bitch”. Of course Amber has your hair. It’s a fight. Even when she gets up to casually walk off (way too casually) like she quit the fight, she never protects herself and gets multiple hard shots to the face before finally making it to the safety of the stairs.

Watch this wild shit about thirteen times below. I’m closing in on a hundred myself…

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