A Lesson in Street MMA: Katt Williams is a subpar grappler, so this 7th grader choked him out

2016 has not been the year of the Katt. According to the Chinese New Year calendar this is the year Katt Williams gets tassed, arrested, feuds with Kevin Hart, and now gets choked out by random Junior High student. We do not know why comedian Katt Williams is hanging out with 7th graders.

Also, why is he trying to punch this 7th grader? Follow-up question: does that kid have a prime Fedor chin or is Katt Williams striking power less than CM Punk’s in the new EA UFC 2 game? So many questions!

SOS there is a pimp in peril.Defend the choke Katt….defend that choke.

H/T to Zombie Prophet for the find

UPDATE: Katt explains why he got his ass whooped

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