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A Lesson in Street MMA: Here’s The Griffin-Bonnar of Juggalo backyard bare knuckle fights

We all remember where we were when a random due crashed his car off a cliff, arose from the wreck bloody and his first worse out his mouth were “don’t scared homie……NICK DIAZ!!!!“. Good times. Our friends at P.O.R Stunts are back and this time they want to share a tale of The Ultimate Juggalo Fighting Championship AKA Chewbacca vs. The Snake 2.

Come along for the ride with their new documentary that covers two fights and three years worth of beef between backyard bare knuckle brawlers Chewbacca and The Snake. The second fight of this sure to be trilogy of scraps went down on Super Bowl Sunday 2017 and to truly appreciate two Juggalos hurting their own fists, getting flash KO’d and having their noses broken you just have to watch the footage.

Fast forward to around the 14:30 mark of the 20 minute fight documentary if you want to get right to the um, action. (?)

Update: The first fight in full

ESPN is going to end up doing a 30 for 30 on the build up to Chewbacca vs. The Snake 3……”What if I told you that Juggalos mostly suck at fighting”