A Lesson in Street MMA: Be Careful Which Sub Shop You Start Beef In

We all get pissed off when we order food and it’s not what we asked for, but that doesn’t mean things need to get violent or that your start throwing wielding a chair like a lion tamer. Who knows what these drunk dudes thought when they invaded the sub shop and just started wrecking the damn place. Either way, the sandwich street MMA artist wasn’t going to have it.

He straight up started whooping ass but did make one crucial error with the double-handed choke. Not only is it pretty impractical even on an inebriated fool, it left him open for a piddly ass kick much like Roy Nelson’s kick to Big John McCarthy. After coming to his senses, the sandwich samurai backs up and places both opponents back in front of him, a pro tip when dealing with multiple attackers. After this tactical move, he knocks both deli douchebags out as they come at him almost in straight lines.

Check out the full fight below and eat out safe my friends.

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