A Lesson in Street MMA: All the best Black Friday 2017 shopper vs. shopper fights in one post

Black Friday 2017 MMA

Welcome to the third annual Street MMA Apocalypse AKA Black Friday 2017. In the running with Memorial Day Weekend and St. Patrick’s Day, Black Friday continues to be one of the best providers of random acts of Street MMA.

This Holiday season be thankful for the gift that keeps on giving; our fellow Americans beating the shit out of each other all in the name of savings.

Here is the MiddleEasy’s best Black Friday Street MMA fights we could find live from the eye of the storm.

1) GameStop employee throwing hands with a customer, this is the Black Friday 2017 main event.

2) Yes, Kmart stills exists and people are getting slammed out here in aisle 3.


3) One day a MMA promotion will make a cage out breakthrough plexiglass

4) All about wrist control to earn yourself a Big Wheels bonus.

5) Check out the clinch battle during a human stampede.

6) LOL the one dude who throws a hammer fists then bounces right on to the next store.

7) Shout out to the dude who stage dives right into the dog-pile in the name of 10% off Blu-Ray player.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Black Friday 2017 madness continues to role in. Stay safe (or violent) out there.

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