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Street MMA: Spitting on people at the gym gets you knocked out

Street MMA: Spitting on people at the gym gets you knocked out

Maybe he was just trying to find a Street MMA spotter?

For a lot of people the gym is their sanctuary. For others the gym is a place to prove how much better you are than the rest of the world. How much do you even bench bro?

This fight is specifically for those people who talk to while you’re wearing headphones. Sure guy, please talk to me about politics while we’re on the leg press machine. Yes, let’s hear about your latest pyramid scheme while we’re doing shoulder presses.

Maybe more people need to get knocked out at the gym. Just reset the whole system. If the chance of catching hands increases, the odds of strangers bothering you during your workout significantly decreases.

That’s just good ole Street MMA science for you.

For fans of health, wellness, improving yourself, and punching people who spit on you, this next Street Fight is for you. The Venn Diagram of wants and interests falls exactly in the middle of this 56 second video.

A lot is going on in this Lesson in Street MMA. Sharing is your friend. Don’t spit on people. Also, if you are going to spit on someone, make sure you’re not holding dumbbells.

Because, yeah something about keeping your hands up at all times.

Can’t really keep your hands up if you’re holding free weights. Would like to see dude in the black tank top try though.

Instead our dumbass in a tank top that reads ‘animal’ spits on a dude and gets knocked out for it. As a bonus he’s punched by two different people for sharing his saliva.

Gross, yet very funny.

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