Russian Fight Club Exposed, Featuring Several School-Aged Teenagers

Fight Club

Fight Club Featuring Middle And High Schoolers Exposed In Moscow

The first rule of fight club? Don’t make one that involves a bunch of middle school and high school students fighting with no rules.

A Russian reporter, working for, recently uncovered a huge fight club, inside of a Moscow school. According to reports, a post was discovered on the social media platform VKontakte inviting people to participate in bouts that involved full-contact with no rules. Moreover, the page featured videos of such fights, taking place in front of around 50 other classmates watching.

Apparently, the club involved high school students convincing middle school students to compete in these contests. Reportedly, these bouts were then gambled on, with a minimum bet of 1,000 rubles (approx. $16). Then the contests would go on until one combatant was either unconscious, or quit the bout. Subsequently, the winning fighter would split the pot with those who won the bets.

Following the reveal of this fight club by the reporter, Russian authorities were notified. In addition to that, the social media page was made private, preventing people from seeing the scheduled events. However, the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Gusev has vowed to look into the matter, and take preventive action against those involved.

This Russian fight club is not the only such group. Other similar incidents have occurred in various parts of Canada, as well. Nonetheless, it is horrifying all the same, to see children put in positions where they feel this is acceptable. It is a crazy world that we live in.

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