Street MMA: Charged Up Punch Leads to Vicious Comeback KO

Charged up KO image via MIDDLEEASY
Charged up KO image via MIDDLEEASY

Charged Up Right-Hand Leads to Vicious Comeback KO

In life, there is a saying that is designed to help lift the spirits of those who are facing dark times. “The come back is always better than the setback.” A quote that many believe to be true. Notably for those who have graduated past troubled situations. It takes consistency, resilience, and a “Never give up” mindset, similar to John Cena. Oh, and applying this mindset doesn’t just work if you’re late on a bill, or your partner broke up with you. It also works if you’re getting your a** kicked, but deep down you know you can win. Especially if you’ve charged up your vicious punch for a comeback KO win.

Charged Up Power Punch

Everybody loves a comeback story. Whether the underdog or not, its amazing to see a turn of events live in our faces. Maybe it’s because it makes a developing story juicier. Or, perhaps we just enjoy witnessing the unexpected. Unfortunately for this attacker, he ended up laid out.

Play by Play

After being hit with an ambushed flurry of punches, it only took TWO shots for “red shoes” to lay out his attacker cold. The strange part was, it’s still not clear while they were actually fighting.

“Red Shoes” was getting pummeled. It’s always embarrassing to get beat up in front of a crowd. Especially when people are cheering on your opponent. However, he channeled the powers of the Earth or something of that effect. Literally, he looked like he was powering up like an old school flashlight with a crank on it.

What Did We Learn?

After observing, was he “charged up” to get more power under his punch? Or, was he very aware of the lady trying to break them apart, and didn’t want to hit her? Either way, his accuracy was pinpoint. Although he was punched over 11 times, it only took him 2 to end the fight.

So, what did we learn today? Never count yourself out of a fight. Even if you’re in public. If you know you possess the power to end it all in one shot, hang in there. And, as soon as you get the moment to capitalize, charge it up and let it fly.

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