A Lesson in Street MMA: After You Get Knocked Out 3 Times Just Stay Down

We join the action at the crescendo of the pop-off at an apartment complex. At this point, Middle Easy needs an apartment complex correspondent video team to film all the fights that go down. First off, no matter who you are, you probably shouldn’t stand in front of a dude and let them hit you like you’re Anderson damn Silva. This giant guy we’ll call Big Blue lets Jeans in Socks man hit him with a flurry that knocked him out. The thud of his head on the concrete is pretty gnarly.

This shit doesn’t end here. At first, it seemed like Big Blue would forever lay there, blocking the path on the sidewalk much like a Snorlax. However, it seems like Big Blue may have been awoken from his slumber by the loud ass lady wearing two different color socks and screaming lines from the movie “Friday”. Big Blue gets up again only to fall at the fast hands of Jeans in Socks.

…He gets up again!? “Give it to him, give it to him if he want it!” yelled Two Different Socks Mom. I don’t know if this guy has the worst chin, or the best chin in Street MMA, but he sure is persistent. This time Big Blue is KOed with soccer kicks. Eventually the other girl there pleads with Jeans in Socks to get in the car.

“Get in the car! Goddamn how many times you have to knock his fat ass out!?”

Please enjoy this below because I know I have a hundred times.

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