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A Lesson in Street MMA: Your pre fight preparation should not include alcohol

Street MMA fighters don’t always have time to prepare. Usually if they are lucky, all they have time for is a quick neck stretch and a knuckle crack before they head out into the arena to fight for their honor (or survival). Sometimes, a fighter gets nervous and needs to have a little liquid courage before his battle before the public. Ironically, chances are it’s that liquid courage that caused the Street MMA match to get sanctioned in the first place. A self fulfilling Street MMA prophecy if you will.

Bottom line, don’t get super drunk and fight. The only thing you should be drinking before combat is some water, maybe coconut water, and if you are a member of the Machida family a healthy glass of urine: not booze. If you absolutely have to get drunk and stumble into a sanctioned Street MMA match, talk to the commission and try to get matched up with an equally inebriated fighter; like these guys.

Props to KickYoNuts for the find.


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