A Lesson in Street MMA: The Drunken Master vs. Skater

Anytime I enter the world of skateboarding, I tend to tread softly. Not that I’m afraid of skaters, but more their inability to control their ankle-breaking wooden missiles when they wipeout. And for that reason I usually tend to avoid skate parks altogether, which is exactly the sort of mind out Drunken Master should’ve done here. Now I can’t confirm with 100% certainty that “Drunken Master” is indeed drunk (or of legal drinking age) but all of the skills I acquired through years of bartending I did through college tells me not to serve this kid for one reason or the other, and the video is titles “Skater vs. Drunk,” so there ya have it. Although we know that any drunk is actually a Drunken Master. So, whatever. Screw you, Ted.

But what I can confirm is that: A) he’s a TKD Training Buddy, B) His confidence is at an all-time Super Saiyan High, and C) He has no idea he’s about to get KTFO in 1min and 48sec into Round 1 by this Mike Ness wannabe.

BONUS: Watch the Mike Ness wannabe hit a powerful single-leg when Drunken Master’s dreadlocked friend (later to become known as “Wolverine” for whatever reason) comes in to lend a hand; after his Gentleman’s Agreement that he wouldn’t. 


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