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A Lesson in Street MMA: Tap to the chick putting you in a leg scissor choke on the way to Cirques du Soleil

This was written as the YouTube description (before the video was taken down) by the uploader of the Lesson in Street MMA we see below:

This is on a breezeway by Cosmo and these two seemed to be playing around and then dude slams chick on the ground and chick don’t play that…”

Not only does this guy seemingly wear a neon shirt un-ironically, but he slams this girl on the cement walkway, which is never cool to do to anyone of any sex. You shouldn’t even do that to Fallon Fox (had to), it’s just not a socially acceptable thing to do, slamming someone on the cold cement of a Vegas breezeway. The lesson today is two-fold. One: tap. Even if you are a dude who has too much Pride, tap. You don’t want to be left snoring on the same breezway you just slammed some chick on. Dude, is life-failing all over the place.

The second lesson is to let go of a choke after your opponent is snoring. It’s not cool to hold chokes for too long, but I guess when a man in a neon shirt wants to slam you on a concrete breezeway in Las Vegas while you’re on the way to Cirques du Soleil you have to do what you have to do, don’t you?

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