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A Lesson in Street MMA: Sometimes no contests can actually happen

Outdoor concerts are the worst, I could easily write an entire essay on how awful they are. I’ll keep this brief though, it’s hot, you’re super far away from the stage, if it’s outside that means there are a lot of people, there’s a decent change there will be obscenely drunk people, half the people aren’t even paying attention to the music. I could go on and on but no one comes here to read the grumblings of a bitter angry man.

The fight starts off with a decent takedown attempt, which might’ve been aided by the guy in the Johnny Cash shirt (remember him.) Guy in the shorts, who appears to have pooped himself, seeing as the back side of his pants are soaking wet, get mount. He then starts to deliver what appears to be Brock Lesnar hammer fists or noogies. Long haired guy escapes the hammer fists/noogies and appears to attempt to take his opponents back. After this goes on for sometime, he takes a soccer kick to the face and two police officers who are doing their best Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson impersonation.

While this fight ended in a no contest, it was still highly entertaining, as I didn’t see any of the other fights at this concert, I can’t confidently say that it was FOTN, but it was an entertaining bout regardless.


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