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A Lesson in Street MMA: Sometimes it’s not MMA at all, just Russians fighting in their underwear

In an interview with Inside MMA, Don Frye made a comment about Russians being ‘the last men on the planet’. It went something like this:

‘The Russians don’t like to be told what to do, especially by some pansy (Dana White). God damn Russians are the last men on the planet. Everybody in the US has been feminized so bad that we should all be carrying a purse and high heels. Those are the last men, we need a Putin. Where’s our Putin? We need someone that’s going to kick ass and not run around apologizing for it.’

Looks like Don Frye was on to something. Check out this video from the UG of a brutal KO between two Russian soldiers sparring because there’s apparently nothing to do in Russia besides fight in your underwear.

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