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A Lesson in Street MMA: Pajama pants are the Street MMA equivalent of sunglasses indoors

I’ve only witnessed a single instance of Street MMA that was won in pajama pants. It was my senior year of highschool and the unnamed subject defeated the ‘best’ street fighter I ever knew. But this pajama pants wearing dude was a caliber of athlete that ended up a Jackson fighter, and he started out the fight naked, so I’m not too sure if that counts… Since that insane and horribly floppy night nearly ten years ago, I don’t think I’ve seen another Street MMA fighter that was wearing pajama pants have his hand raised in victory. Curse? Maybe, or perhaps pajama pants relax humans so much that they are physically and mentally unable to fight in them. Think about that – we could end wars. Stop dropping bombs – drop crates of pajama pants and force the enemy to put them on at gunpoint (the only way they would do it). War over. The insurgents would head back home to eat some cereal and take a nap on the couch while watching The Office reruns.

This trend continues in this latest Street MMA match. As you can see in the banner, one fighter looks properly dressed for battle while another is wearing a backwards baseball cap, a cut-off tee, 4 oz gloves and those cursed plaid pajama pants of comfortable unconsciousness. Gee I wonder how this is going to turn out?

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