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A Lesson in Street MMA: Out of nowhere! Flying drop kick ends fight by KO, creates Internet legend

Legend. Dary. The best defense in Street MMA is a good flying drop kick offense. From the streets of Brazil, we have an instant Internet fighting legend who decided the best way to diffuse a tense situation was to launch a flying drop kick at his opponent. Message sent loud and clear.

Can the UFC retroactively award their UFC 212 knockout of the night $50K bonus to whoever the fuck that guy was?

Check the video below as a Street MMA throw down was about to begin between the dude in the black shirt and the dude in the red before the Ninja Gaiden in yellow comes in from off the view of the camera. If you have only one Street fight finisher in your move set, make sure it’s this flying drop kick knockout shot and use it wisely. Or just use it all the time and walk away from all Street MMA occurrences like a mysterious badass.

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