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A Lesson in Street MMA: Never mess with Hello Kitty on the streets of Las Vegas

Never in the history of MiddleEasy have we even typed the words ‘Hello Kitty’ on the site. This is an MMA first. Another moment in UFC history that will never be replicated. Saying Hello Kitty on MiddleEasy will be etched in the annuals of MMA for the rest of eternity. You will be telling your kids about this day, and your kids’ kids — and the kids after them.

Hello Kitty, on MiddleEasy. Today is finally that momentous day. The day in which you see a guy dressed in a Hello Kitty outfit get involved in altercation on the streets of Las Vegas. It actually happened in another edition in our ‘A Lesson in Street MMA’ feature, and you guys should probably watch it. Props to @Bauzen for the find.

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