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A Lesson in Street MMA: Never get in a fight with Jon Jones’ hipster descendant

Back in the days when the youth armed rolls of quarters like AK-47s in Palestine, there was a little coin-op arcade game called ‘Pitfighter.’ For some out there, you can rekindle found memories of repeatedly slamming your palm to execute a two-button combo only to be knocked out by a dude named ‘Buzz’ with some incomprehensible jab. That was the nature of early 90s gaming. Physics engines were non-existent in those days. Sir Issac Newton would have been disgusted.

The most notable element about Pitfighter aside from the random knives that God apparently dropped from the sky, was undeniably the bizarre looking cast of fighters within the game. In retrospect, all of those guys were just hipsters from the future placed directly in a videogame. I’m sure this guy in the following video would fit nicely if Pitfighter ever received a next-gen console reboot.

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