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A Lesson in Street MMA: Lots of scrambles in McDonald’s and I don’t mean eggs. I’m lovin it!

Sometimes Street MMA happens in restaurants other than Denny’s. Shocking, I know. As loyal as we are to that fine chain, when a serious Street MMA match goes down we just have to share it with you guys. That’s what we do. For the first time in Street MMA history, we present a McDonald’s Match. McDonald’s Matches are slightly different in the sense that booths will have to be fought under, and the fans that attend a McDonald’s Match are fickle. They prefer a stand up fight, and have no use for grappling. Case and point, the dude reading the newspaper calmly as the fight goes on around him.

We join the match in progress as one competitor looks to have his foe in an inverted triangle underneath one of the restaurant’s booths. Eventually, the dude in the dark clothes tries to apply a chicken wing to no avail. Somehow plaid shirt makes his way out of the submissions and works into a full mount to lay down some serious ground and pound. After that all hell breaks loose.


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