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A Lesson in Street MMA: Learn to defend the armbar if you decide to wrestle girls in backyards

And the crowded chanted “Gina, Gina, Gina”. It will be written that Paul vs. Gina ended via round one armbar. Some dude thought it was a good idea to record Paul vs. Gina round one, so you have to assume the paperback version of the impromptu grappling match will come out sometime in 2015. 

Shirts versus skins is a great idea at your local YCMA basketball pickup games but it does not work for on the fly Metamoris grappling auditions. At the start of the video Paul has already lost his shirt. Odds makers will tell you going into a backyard grappling match shirtless is never a good idea. Dogs will bark at you, the crowd will boo you, and now nobody wants Paul to win.

The crowd on hand is fully in support of Gina and her functional grappling skills.

Getting immediately pulled into Gina’s guard, Paul’s only defense is to punch and try to slam his way out of his bad life choices. Go get yourself some fans Paul. The sooner you tap out the sooner you can find your shirt. Rally for Paul to meet the winner of Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo 3 in front of an obscure backyard gazebo sometime in 2015.


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