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A Lesson In Street MMA: Keep your hands up or you will be knocked out by a spectacular spinning back kick, OK?

I have so many questions about this Street MMA match: was this short video the entirety of the fight? Is this a Duane Ludwig situation? Are we witnessing the fastest Street MMA match in Street MMA history? I hope so, this spinning back kick from this (Russian?) Street MMA fighter is absolutely spectacular.

I also hope the lone, stoic audience member on the left side of the frame made that scream we hear when that other dude gets KTFO. I know it’s not true, but there’s something really funny to me watching the back of this guy’s head have zero reaction from the knockout, aside from a chilling scream that we can’t see his mouth form. I Just imagine him staring forward, chewing his gum and screaming like a girl when that guy’s heel hits the other guy’s dome. Man, I have an overactive imagination.


I can’t get over that guy on the left, it’s like he knew it was coming. Thanks to Zach Lambertski for the find.


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