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A Lesson In Street MMA: If someone goes full zombie on you, just walk away, bro

This right here my friends, is absolutely rawesome. There is no barometer in existence to my knowledge that can quantify how boss this ‘Mexican Zombie’ of a Street MMA fighter is. After an entrance for one combatant that rivals the length of the Klitschko/Hayes walkouts, it gets right to the action. You know, I really don’t even want to ruin this for you with any type of play by play. All I can say is that it’s kind of this combined with this. Watch below.


That kid is new legend. Drops the other dude with one great shot after going full zombie mode, amazing. Techno remixes of this video should be created even if it makes zero sense to make such a thing.

Props to KickYoNuts for the find. That guy is on it. KickYoNuts if you’re reading this, email me [email protected] We think you deserve a prize for finding all of these great fights.


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