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A Lesson in Street MMA: Hey, we have no problem that this Street MMA starts man on man then goes co-ed

What a fascinating instance of Street MMA we have here. Things start out fast in front of a convenient-mart between two young gentleman in colorful jackets, they both use impressive counters and solid footwork to keep a manageable distance from each other, creating a feeling out period. Then the kid in the brownish/red grabs for the neon jacket in front of him. There’s a possible background in Judo or Sambo for this guy, he’s constantly looking to set up what looks like a Sode Tsurikomi Goshi attempt. Or maybe a Eri Seoinage? I’m sorry, I haven’t been keeping up on my Judo throws. Either way that dude was trying for some high level stuff. More blows are exchanged.

Eventually the fight makes it’s way to the crowd, the production crew puts their finger on the lens of the camera, there’s ground and pound on ice, then all of a sudden two female bystanders decide that they’ve seen enough of this male dominated Street MMA and they jump into the fray full force while still on ice! Upkicks garlore lead to an extremely active guard as they slip in slide all over the place. A modified hair pull triangle is even threatened. Wow. This video has everything.


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