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A Lesson in Street MMA: Full mount = no escape no matter how much you trash talk

For maximum enjoyment I have broken down the following Street MMA match (which is titled ‘Two Milk Bags Fighting on Youtube, a term I have never heard before) by each explosive second:

:01-:03– Bearded Milk Bag lunges in with a devastating overhand right.

:04-:06– Overhand right misses. Milk Bag no. 2 sees an opening and unleashes a barrage of punches to the Bearded Milk Bag’s back and shoulder. An attempt at a clinch is had but, bot opponents just spin in a circle and regroup, audibly gassed six seconds in.


:08– Flying knee recipient (Bearded Milk Bag) mutters ‘F*****’ as the flying knee connect then throws a Fedor/Arvloski type overhand right on his air born opponent.

:09-:13– One of the Milk Bag’s says: ‘Well why don’t you fight a little bit better then, f*****’, as if fighting ‘just a little bit better’ will make all the difference. High pitched noises are made as both combatants try to find their range.

:14-:19– Non bearded, Long Haired Milk Bag goes for a standing rape choke (I would use a less offensive term if one existed) which he then turns into a modified Judo throw. It goes to the ground where Long Hair MB has the advantage for a split second, then he is reversed byt the Bearded Milk Bag, whose name may or may not be Patrick. A cross face is applied.

:20-:22– Indecipherable gurgling. Full mount by Patrick/Bearded MB achieved.

:23-:26– Bearded Milk Bag knows he’s in a dominant position, so decides to move his mount high up onto the shoulders. All the while explaining to Long Hair that he doesn’t like him.

:27-:29– Some of the fiercest ground n pound ever committed to a Milk Bag’s face. The smacking noise of the fists is incredible.

:30– Referee stoppage.

:31-:39– Bearded Milk Bag dismounts victoriously. LHMB groans in shame.

Thanks to Devereaux for the find.


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