A Lesson in Street MMA: Don’t sleep on the girl who can pick you up and hit a walkoff slam

Somewhere while floating mid-air, the female fighter in the red jacket realized she fucked up. It wasn’t the wild combos being thrown or the lack of head movement that made her second guess her life choices. Nope, when the girl in the green sports bra lifted her up from the sidewalk is when the entire world started to play in slow motion for our fighter in the red jacket.

And then she was knocked out by the clean double leg slam.

In this lesson of Street MMA, be ready to work on your sprawl and brawl if you run into this angry woman in the green sports bra. Or instead of reading up on defensive wrestling tactics maybe its just best to befriend Green Tank Top woman and form some sort of alliance. Six months of sprawl training is not going to help you when you’re getting slam KO’d on the pavement by this well-rounded She-Hulk.


H/T to our friends at Terez Owens for the find

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